Our Design and Development Process

At Web4Site we believe that design and development is a very collaborative process. We will communicate with you at every step of the way to ensure that our progress is leading toward the goal that you have in mind. We start with an initial survey to gather some data, then we\’ll chat with you and come up with some design mockups for you. Once things are locked down, we\’ll sit down and code away until the final results are in.


Logo Design

Working alongside you, our talented designers will create the perfect logo to convey your brand or business that functions as the keystone of your page design, incorporating key colors and representing you the way you want to be represented.

Mobile Friendly Development

At Web4Site we know that 50% of the web is seen on mobile phones these days. We make it a goal to ensure your website can be viewed on a phone just as easily as it can on a desktop or laptop, so that no visitor is left behind.


A great website isn\’t great without a great interface. If your visitors can\’t find what they\’re looking for, they won\’t stick around. We have experience developing everything from single-page sites to huge catalogs of blog posts, and we\’ll make sure it\’s easy for your users to see what you want them to. Our SEO team can help promote your content too!

Lead Capturing

We integrate MailChimp forms into almost every website we design, and for a good reason. Why let visitors come and go without letting them leave a way for you to get in touch? Developing attractive and user-friendly data capture forms is second nature to us, and helps to ensure you have a healthy database of emails stored for marketing and outreach purposes.



Our developers are trained in all the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery UI, and more. Your code will be written according to the latest standards and will be delivered as efficiently as possible, whether we\’re writing from scratch, using a framework such as Bootstrap, or starting from a fully-fledged CMS such as Wordpress.

Behind The Scenes

If you are working with a pre-existing site, our team can ensure that our work will integrate smoothly with what you already have. We understand that sometimes there are systems set in stone, and we can work with, or around, whatever you have set in place.


Your users won\’t stick around waiting for your website to load, even if it does have the content they\’re looking for. Every second a page takes to load increases the chance of a visitor leaving, and at Web4Site we make use of the latest technologies to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible. From compression to optimization to database efficiency, our minds are on speed every step of the way.


Even the greatest website needs visitors! We\’ll ensure that your website is fully optimized for SEO so that once our design and development work is done, we can seamlessly hand it over to our SEO team to ensure a steady flow of visitors. Our top-tier development package includes three months of complimentary SEO services.

Advanced Frameworks

If you\’re looking for something more complex than a simple website+blog, we\’ve got you covered too! Our developers have experience with a wide range of frameworks, including Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and CodeIgniter, allowing us to create anything from forums to E-Commerce webstores to fully-fledged web applications.

We Also Offer

E-Commerce Stores
Embedded Social Media
User Interface Testing
Photo Galleries
Embedded Videos
Database Design
Blog & News Pages
Web Analytics
Scheduling Systems
Collaborative Wikis
Mobile Design
Calendar Systems

Silver Plan Starting from $1599

Ideal for a small company or individual:

…needing 4-6 static pages alongside blogging functionality.

…who needs to show off their services, portfolio and contact information while capturing emails.

…with some analytics needs, but primarily for tracking visitors over time.

…looking for a primarily static website with minimal content changes over time.

Includes a 10% discount on bundled SEO services

Gold Plan Starting from $2599

Ideal for a company:

…with some pre-existing content that needs migrating to a new platform, including blogging functionality, photo galleries, calendars, etc. Small E-Commerce stores, interactive web elements, scheduling functionality, etc

… needing a dynamic website that will have changes made frequently, including blogging, updating sliders, social media, and more.

Includes a 10% discount on bundled SEO services

Platinum Plan Starting from $3999

Ideal for a company:

…with a large amount of pre-existing content to be migrated or re-written on a platform with blogging functionality, calendar and scheduling functionality, photo galleries, etc.

…requiring heavy design work as a priority of their site.

…with a medium-sized E-Commerce store that requires either migration or setting up from scratch.

Includes three months complimentary SEO services!